Sessions available from 15 February 2024 until and including 29 April 2024.

Operating times for Time Attack are Monday to Friday 14:00 to 20:00 & Sundays 15:00 to 20:00. Not available on Saturdays, Public holidays and school holidays

Event Terms and Conditions 
  1. Anyone can enter that is eligible for a race and meets your standard driver terms and conditions
  2. MSA Circuit racing, MSA Rally or MSA Karting drivers, or any other Professional race license (Circuit, Rally, Karting) are NOT allowed to enter. (If you race other formats example MSA drags, you are eligible to enter)
  3. Time Attack is arrive and drive only, no bookings
  4. If its a peak/busy session, you are only eligible to enter in a group, try to plan your sessions when its less busy
  5. You cannot use previous lap times, or lap times from other events or races, other than an official Time Attack ticket.
  6. You can enter as many times as you like, only your best time will be recorded
  7. Your weight will be taken each time you enter, before you start your session. The scale may be inaccurate, is merely used for category placement
  8. You will need to fill out the form at each session and hand your time into the official after the session
  9. You will draw for a kart, be escorted to your kart by the Time Attack official, at each session
  10. No preferential treatment, or specific karts can be arranged at any given time
  11. The end of the sessions will be on the day of the 29 April 2024, no further Time Attack sales after 20:00 on that day
  12. Regrettably, no direct, permanent, associated and casual staff are allowed to enter
  13. Event structure subject to change at any given time
  14. Right of admission reserved*
The Winners
  1. At the end of the sessions on 29 April 2024 (After officials close the track once the last ticket has been redeemed), the results on the board stand as is.
  2. The Top 3 drivers of each category, will be placed as podium winners, however only 1st place of the category will win a cash prize.
  3. You will be rewarded after all sessions have been concluded after the 29 April, our officials will reach out to you.
  4. Cash prizes only for 1st place R3000 in your category, trophy 2nd and 3rd places.
Entry prices
  • 5min session  at R180 | 10min session at R250